Thursday, July 2, 2009

La Tazza, the Warm Hearted Coffee House of Covina

La Tazza Cafe is located on School Street off of Citrus in downtown Covina across from the downtown park. The outside is extremely inviting, and once inside, one cannot help but gaze at the rustic art and beautiful large paintings which encloses this wonderful café. There is plenty of seating and there is an area dedicated to coffee drinkers that want to just lounge, hang out, and chit-chat.

La Tazza has a full coffee bar equipped with all types of coffee and espresso specialty drinks for the extreme coffee lovers. Other drinks available included assorted herbal teas, hot chocolate, ciders, Italian sodas and creamosas, fruit smoothies, and even Chai Tea lattes. They are also stocked with rare bottled beverages for the carbonated fans.

If you are in the mood for a good sandwich La Tazza has a lot of delicious options like the Real Turkey Breast & Muenster sandwich, and the Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwich served pannini style with muenster cheese with garlic sauce served on focaccia bread, or try the BLTAC which is a BLT with a generous serving of avacado and chedder served on wheat bread, or try their specialty Raspberry Chicken Salad on croissant bread with field cut greens, cukes, and raspberry sauce. It’s to die for.

Have a sweet tooth? La Tazza has plenty of deserts that will have you feeling guilty for the rest of the week, because their deserts are truly sinfully sweet and plenty. This is a warning if you are weak at heart for a delightful desert.

Other notable mentions on their menu is the daily soups available like the Baked French onion bowl which is available daily and the Soup of the Day. La Tazza is open early, so if you are wanting more than just coffee, then they can help with you with a muffin or even a hot breakfast.

While this seems limited, keep in mind it is just a coffee house, but with a little more to offer. The owner Charlie and his staff add a friendly personal touch and the overall atmosphere give it that soft welcome appeal that overshadows the more brighter commercialized coffee houses. The owner is very cordial and inviting with all the customers that come visit his establishment. Even if you are having a hard time deciding, he will gladly recommend his absolute customer pleasers to help guide you to your liking. With service like this, who needs to go anywhere else for coffee and sandwiches?


Anonymous said...

I am planning to go to La Tazza next Monday. Are they open at lunch time? I checked several websites and even called the shop, but couldn't find their business hour.

The Trebs said...

Yes, they are open for lunch. We love La Tazza! Their sandwiches are delish and I highly recommend this for lunch. They are not open Sundays, but they open, I believe at 7 AM all other days, and close around 6 or 7. I wish they had their own website, but really everything on their menu is wonderful!