Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Discover California Wine and Cheese in Monrovia

California Wine and Cheese is located just east of Pasadena in beautiful downtown Monrovia on Foothill Boulevard near Myrtle Street.

Downtown Monrovia is one of the most well established communities with a bountiful of shops and restaurants. One of those establishments is California Wine and Cheese. Owners, Tom and Janet Dugan opened CW&C back in August of 2006. They originally opened it with little knowledge of wine, but over the months Tom and Janet have learned a lot about wine from hosting their wine classes by wine experts and from tasting their own inventory with wine growers and customers alike.

The shop itself is very comfortable. The store is large in size, but not intimidating that one would feel out of place. Patrons can sit at the large bar area. Large enough for a group of people to mingle and enjoy a night of wine tasting and maybe some cheese. On the walls are displays of art from local talented artists. Usually, an art gallery auction is held once a month for the paintings.

CW&C is stocked with over 200 different types of wines, and Tom is very cordial host, will be happy to help you find what you are looking for, and even pour you a sample from their weekly tasting schedule. Unlike most wine bars, the wine tasting events are “whenever you show up,” said Dugan.

The one quality that CW&C has is they only carry California wines. Some people may not find this as a quality and think of this as a flaw, but there really isn’t anything wrong with that. In fact, many wines produced in other countries like France, Argentina, Spain, Italy, and Australia are grown and produced right here in California.

Add an assortment of rare and exotic cheeses from all over the world with a glass of sparkling wine or white wine, makes for a pleasant trip to Monrovia. CW&C has over 60 different cheeses including domestic cheeses from California, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Wisconsin, and Vermont. Also, CW&C has a huge selection of international cheeses from Australia, Austria, Cyprus, England, France, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Spain.

During each wine tasting event held on every Friday evening, cheeses are prepared and set according to wine flight of the week for precise pairing to compliment each other, so each customer’s enjoyment is enhanced. So, come and enjoy a day or an evening of wine and cheese and discovery the many wines of California.
Website: California Wine and Cheese

(Just west of Myrtle Ave, north of Old Town Monrovia)

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