Sunday, May 24, 2009

Experience Tulipano Italian Restaurant

Located in an unsuspecting area for a fine Italian restaurant, Tulipano Italian Restaurant sits in a run down shopping area near an adult book store and a laundry matte. While this restaurant may not appeal to one from the outside, the inside is quite the contrary.

Tulipano is a local family owned business. The owners and former natives of Naples Italy, Vincenzo Carrano and brother Eduardo Carrano have owned and operated Tulinpano since 1993.
Inside is elegance of style with formidable grace of service with the presentation of excellent food preparation. Paired with over 40 different wines from Italy, California, and Argentina, the entrée selection is unsurpassed with meals like Linguini Pescatore, Ravioli De Salmone Affumicato, Pollo or Scampi Caprese, Fileto di soglisola Ai Funghi, Risotto A Piacere, and Scampi Alla Vodka.

All the dishes prepared are made from fresh ingredients including the vegetables and side pasta dishes, tomato sauces, and delightful deserts. Before each meal, a complementary plate of tomato bruschetta over slices of toasted baguettes and a side of fucasha bread with a side of oil and balsamic vinger.

The main course is an absolute must for Italian enthusiasts. Together with a live guitarist to lighten the atmosphere, the warm courtesy from each of the servers, the gracefulness of host Vincenzo will welcome the female guests with a traditional kiss on the hand and a respectful hand shake to the gentlemen, the guest experiences will be one to remember.

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